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Money Refund Policy

Our policy regarding the money refund is described below but if you have any confusions or queries then you are suggested to contact our customer support team to clarify your confusions.

Your whole money would be refunded if:

  • Any technical issue may occur in making the payment like if you paid two times for any order or by mistake you have ordered for the same paper two times. In this case you are advised to contact our customer support team as soon as it is possible for you.

  • We are unable to provide you the work.

  • We are not able to deliver the work on time and you don’t need to have order now.

You would be provided with the 70% refund when:

  • We started working on the order and the deadline passed is less than half and you decided to cancel the order then 70% of the payment would be returned.

You would receive the 50% refund if:

  • We started working on your order and half of the deadline has passed and then you want to cancel your order, in this case you would be provided with the 50% of the money.

  • We are unable to provide you with the revision due to some technical issues.

Settlement of the disputed orders

You could set the orders that are disputed by giving us the explanation about the main issue. There are certain things you need to provide us in order to set such orders.

  • You should provide some strong and the valid points that could support your argument.

  • A considerable amount of time is required to resolve the dispute.

  • All cases are seen on the individual basis. Our team makes it sure to carefully consider all the points that you have provided and refunds are suggested and made according to it.

  • If you fail to provide the effective arguments regarding the issues you mentioned then, within the 7 days the whole case is closed and then refund is not possible.

To know more about the revisions you are advised to read our revision policy.

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