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AssignmentTutor.co.uk is the custom writing service that aims to provide all kinds of help in writing ranging from dissertation writing to creative writing. We want to provide the writing services to our customers in a very convenient way by ensuring the quality of the services. Our customers could easily count on our services due to the quality of our services that we provide to them.

If you are not an adult then you should not be using this website as in order to buy the products from us you should be able to deal legally and of the legal age to buy the products.

If you are using our any kind of service then it means that you agree to our terms and the conditions. It is advised that if you have any kind of hesitation or misunderstanding about our terms and conditions then feel free to approach us any time and make yourself satisfy.

Submitting the order form means that you have read all the terms and the conditions carefully and you agree them and also after that a legal agreement would develop between you and AssignmentTutor.co.uk

  • "Website" means AssignmentTutor.co.uk

  • "Company" means the entity that is being providing the research and the writing services under the terms and the conditions that are mentioned.

  • "Customer" and "You" means the person who is using the services and submitted the order form.

  • "Product" means the written form of the order that could be the doc., xls or ppt. format that is delivered to the customers according to their requirements.
  • Filling and submitting the order form and paying for it means that you are buying the products from the company that would be for the non-commercial use only. All the products are the work of the free lancers and the rights belong to the company.

  • Once you are satisfied, then place your order.

  • Make your payment.

  • Your order would be completed and delivered through the e-mail.

  • You can now check your order.

You are requested to read the terms and conditions carefully before placing your order and if you have any concerns about it then contact us. Your money would be refunded only if you find our work different from the requirements that were mentioned by you.


We do provide the help for our customers and the rights are handed over to the customers with the delivery of the order. The written material should not be used for the commercial purpose and it should be limited to use by the person only.


We reserve the right to cancel any order that may contain the plagiarized material for editing or the proofreading. While agreeing to our terms and conditions also means that you are not supposed to pass on any material provided by us to the others or you could not sell it to any other. If we find anyone ignoring the rules that we have stated then it is our right to stop providing our products and may make the person subject to criminal penalties.

Putting your name on the delivered product is not allowed.

We are not accountable of the unethical or illegal use of the products obtained from AssignmentTutor.co.uk. Only the customer would be responsible in case of the unethical or the illegal use of the products.

We don’t believe on plagiarism and that is the reason that we allow our customers to ask for the revision services. You should know that the references, frequently used sentences do not come under the plagiarism, so they would not be considered while the plagiarism scans.


We could guarantee you about the non-plagiarized work but we could not guarantee you the grades and we would not refund the money in case of the unsatisfactory grades or the results.


It is informed that all the information that you shared with us whether it is the information you provided us at the time of order or the personal details; are not provided to anyone at any cost. So the information you shared with us is 100% secured. For further details you could read the Privacy Policy.

The email address and the phone number you provided would only be used to deliver your work or to contact you to tell about the progress of your work or the information that would be required by us.

Once you have placed your order then we would have all the required information to provide you the quality product. Deadline starts after the payment is made.


All the details regarding the prices are present on “Our prices” page. If you want to ask any thing then you should contact with our customer support team.


After the completion of the order, the work is delivered to you through the e-mail. You are requested to check the whole work before accepting it and you should tell us within two weeks after getting the work about the revision.

We are not responsible for the missed deadline that is due to the technical faults caused by the customers.


Unlimited free revisions are provided and you could further read the details on Revision policy page of our website.


We respect our customers and that is the reason we don’t share any of our customers information that is provided to us, so you should not worried about the confidentiality of the data that you have provided to us.

  • The information used from the product should be cited or reference in a proper way.

  • All products are for the reference purpose only and are produced as the examples.

  • The products have been produced by the professional writers who have transferred the rights to the company.

  • You are not allowed to sell or reproduce the product, publish it or distribute it without making agreement from us previously.

  • You agree that the website is charging on the basis of the efforts, labour and the time that has been used in collecting, writing, properly arranging and referencing the whole material and the maintenance of this website for informative purpose.

  • By filling and submitting the order form means that you have read all the important points of this section and you are agreeing to each and every point of this section.

We have made the payment procedure quite comfortable and easy just for our customers by offering them different options for the payment.

  • Online banking.
  • Bank transfer.
  • Pay Pal.
  • Western union.
  • Cash.

It is to remind you again that if you want to place an order then you would only be able to place the order if you are agreeing to all our terms and the conditions.