Importance of Social Media for Children

Social media with the help of different websites and networks plays its role in the choice of living of many young people. Around 60% of 13 to 17 years old have their profile on social media websites, many of them spend more than 2 hours on the websites. The social networking websites provide possibilities to youth who take part in the activities suggested on the web pages. Usage of social media has become the hobby of youth, however, like every hobby; social media is also associated with some risks. Parents are advised to help the children, for using the social media websites wisely.

There are many things that everybody knows about using the social media networks as well as the major causes and dangers that parents must consider to suggest their children avoid for saving their selves from any difficulty. They must not constantly make the clear choices after submitting something to the social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube.  As this will increase troubles for them and they are not ready to face those problems.

Here are the positive and negative effects of social media in accordance to the children:


  • Social media networks help them to be in contact with their friends.
  • It gives an opportunity to increase the new social media contacts due to the common interest.
  • Sharing the content of self-expression which includes artwork, song and association with the state.
  • It provides them with an idea for developing their social skills.
  • Facilitates in developing their reading and writing skills.


  • Violence becomes their reality.
  • Score low in school.
  • Making everything commercial; publicity to large amounts of commercial advertisements which might not be age appropriate
  • Sharing an excessive amount of facts.
  • Sharing pictures or video that you later remorse.
  • Difficult to identify people.
  • Decreased quantity of time for bodily pastime

Apprehension and Implications:

Inappropriate images that posted by children’s on social media platforms can damage their reputation in many different ways and that would become a matter of concern in future. Things that are considered as a joke made by a child could be hurtful to someone else, also these kinds of things are considered as threats. The result of this activity is blocking of account. The images, videos, and remarks that one shared on the social networks cannot be taken again once they get shared. After deleting the material shared on the websites, one thinks that now he/she is free from worries. But it’s not possible to remove them completely from the website and it can be really dangerous in future.

Social media networks grab the attention of teenagers due to its excessive usage by everybody and teenagers think that they can change their lifestyle only by means of using these websites. This is completely wrong; spending much time on these networks will affect grades of students. This process can generate bad habits as well. The best way for securing your child from adopting bad habits is to ask him/her about the activities doing on social platforms or where they are spending their time. Don’t ban them; they can use websites in a positive way as well. Make them aware of the difficulties that they have to face if they get influenced with the negative activities going on the social media networks.

Pro-Active Measures Parents should take:

  • Must keep the record of all browsing and downloading made by their children.
  • Make sure that the personal details are safe and not shared on any social media network.
  • They post only the information that is sufficient for everyone.
  • Avoid meeting people who are being introduced on social networks.
  • Minimum time should be allocated for children for using social media websites.
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