A Tutors’ Approved Guide to Write an Essay Introduction

Any student wants to create a good impression from the beginning of an essay. But it is important to know all the elements that go into an impactful introduction. It should be similar to a map, guiding the reader’s expectations. It also sets the tone of the rest of the essay for them. Here we have some essential essay introduction tips, for you to improve your writing skills.
The correct way to write an introduction
You need to start off by explaining the issue that is addressed in the essay. Furthermore, describe why the problem is important to its relevant field. Inform clearly how you will be handling the problem.
Clarify the research methods, software or sources used to test the theory. The introduction should also include any background material that you think is relevant. Explain the thesis and the process you will follow to solve the problem pointed out in the essay question. Also remember that introductions do not have to be limited to a single paragraph.
While structuring an introduction, make certain that it reflects the purpose and goal of the assignment. The thesis should present the topic and also its clear position that will be developed through the essay. In short papers the introduction can comprise of a couple of paragraphs. While in longer papers an introduction can easily occupy several paragraphs.
The Hook
Integrate a “hook” sentence in the introduction. This refers to a statement that is bound to catch the reader’s attention. Engage your audience’s interest so that they will be eager to read further. Try to make it as original as possible. Following are some ideas you can use:
Provide a surprising statistic related to the problem in question.
Find an impressive quote that sums up the argument.
Anecdotes are also a unique personal touch that you can give to you essay.
Use a rhetorical question to give your reader a new perspective on the topic.

This is the transitional part of the introduction. It takes the reader from the reason behind choosing the topic to the main problems. Offer relevant background knowledge about the purpose of the essay to clarify it to the audience.
Thesis Statement
The introduction should be summed up with a statement that clearly points out the issues you want to address in the essay. This is referred to as the thesis statement. It is the most concise part of your introduction and should state the argument without any frills.
The Road Map
Apart from the thesis statement, your introduction should have a road map. This explains how you will be defending the thesis. This lends the audience a sense of how various points will be organized in your essay. Sometimes the map is integrated in the thesis statement itself. Other times it is comprised of separate sentences.
Things to avoid
A huge amount of information is sure to overwhelm the readers. Some writers tend to ignore that which compromises their work quality. Stick to the main topic and do not pile up a load of information within the introduction.
It is not your job to start from the basics and fill out all the gaps till the topic at hand. Write in a way that makes it clear that you are writing for a well-informed reader. The background knowledge should be there but in a brief form.
Make sure there is a connection between the sentences. Do not merely drop the information through the lines and expect the audience to understand. Take it forward in a sequenced pattern with appropriate link amid ideas.
The introduction does need to be descriptive and should cover all your bases. However, it should not have so much detail about the arguments that reading the rest become unnecessary. Keep your information balanced and precise. Do not make it vague or confusing, yet leave the main arguments for the body of the essay.
Avoid beginning with opening statements that do not have something worthy enough to continue reading. Mundane and obvious facts do not make for a very appealing start. No matter how interesting your essay is further on, the audience will only be tempted to read it if it has an effective opening statement.
Keep in mind that the introduction is a crucial part of the essay as it will be leading your audience to the actual discussion. It is important to make them compelling and unique to make your essay stand out. Students who need further help in writing can reach out to our services like Write My Essay and Essay Tutor. We answer to all your queries and our expert writers provide you with essays on any topic required. The content we offer is top quality and is sure to impress instructors and readers alike.

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