Tips to write a research proposal that approves at first attempt

The primary stage of attempting any research-based assignment is gathering knowledge. Skipping through it can be an easy recipe for failure as you will not have the required adequate information. As a university student, you will be assigned long research studies, prior to which a proposal must be submitted. Such papers have to be dealt with attention to detail.

Writing a research proposal can be complicated and most students are at a loss on how to approach it. For an effective proposal it is important to understand the techniques used in formal academic writing. Students tend to confuse it with the research paper itself and use identical patterns to write it. This can lead to immediate rejection and waste of all the hard work spent on it.

Therefore, we provide here tips that are easy to comprehend and learn for writing research proposals proficiently. Before diving in that here are some details to help you understand the nature of research proposals.

What does a research proposal refer to?

In the process of doing a dissertation or thesis, research proposals play a vital role. Without getting this part of your assignment approved, you cannot move ahead. It serves as a green light for beginning your research. But what does it take to meet the expectations of your professor?

The first thing to remember is the components that go into creating a proposal. It is shorter than the main study and informs the reader what your research will contain. The types of methodology you will use, basic ideas, research question, literature review, and the importance of your research. The style of writing needs to be formal and concise it.

These are the points which you must clarify in your proposal:

What makes your research unique?
Which methods have you used in it?
Are these used methods authenticated or not?
How much time will it take to reach completion?
Present a comparison with existing studies.
Research aims and objectives

Your instructor will also be judging the extent of your abilities to express your ideas academically. They are able to decide whether you are adept enough to embark on the longer and more complex study. You might be asked to write the proposal repeatedly to gain approval. However, by following our tips you will surely get a winning proposal to impress your professor.

Important elements for a research proposal

1. Title

It is obvious how crucial it is to give a relevant and informative title to your proposal. It is not necessary to get into specifics, but it should clearly show the main idea or theme.

2. Abstract

This part will include the central research questions and the investigation method you will be using. The abstract does not have to be longer than 100 words.

3. Introduction

The introduction must include three basic sections: summary of the main topic, its background, and the main arguments.

4. Literature review

The sources used in your research need to be mentioned here. They should be authentic and credible studies by scholars and academic writers.

5. Research methods

As stated above, your professor must be made aware of the methods used in the research. Also outline your findings here in a few words.

6. Research significance

You must know why your topic is worthwhile to research upon. Give genuine reasons for how it would make a difference in the literary world.

7. Bibliography

Research proposals must also contain complete citations and bibliography. Make sure the referencing style is approved by your professor.

Tips for research proposal writing


Do not dive headfirst into the writing process once you receive the assignment. Take time to think about it, conduct research and observe its background. This way your research will end up thorough and insightful.


Although at this stage you are not writing an entire thesis. But even a research proposal needs research to support all the elements mentioned above. However, it should not be so vast that it becomes difficult to summarize in the proposal. Or delay your project.

Make notes

Taking notes is crucial. It is easy to overlook important points when there is extensive information to sift through. They can also be in a list form to serve as brief reminders. Remember to add the source names as well.

Create an outline

It is quite impossible to organize any form of writing without an outline. You will be able to reduce the ratio of errors along with creating a foundation to work upon.

Understand the significance of the study

A research proposal can only be actually convincing when the writer is wholly invested in it. This is only possible if you know and agree why your research topic is so important. How does it present a perspective that can fill the gap in existing studies? Which solutions or ideas it brings forth that can be beneficial for your field? Answering these questions will help you comprehend and show your readers why the study is important.

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