11 Killer Tips Write Amazing Introduction for an Assignment

Once the research phase of the assignment is over and all the information and ideas are in order it is time to start upon an incredible introduction to reel in the audience. Writing an introduction might sound easy but it is the most crucial element of the paper. If it does not hit the mark the readers will lose interest in without even reaching the main body. If done correctly, it will successfully grab their attention and keep it occupied till the last sentence of your assignment.
Here we have eleven tips to start an assignment in the most impressive and interesting way possible:
1. Brevity is Key
Shorten the ideas and make them as precise as possible. Sentences that ramble on are not very pleasant to read and you can lose the interest of the reader before you even manage to capture it.
2. Amplify the Impact
This tactic is risky but if executed correctly can reap a high grade for your assignment. This is basically a strategy where the writer instead of getting directly to the main discussion begins with using a statement or fact related to the issue to catch the attention of the audience.
3. Focus on the Audience
The readers need to know why the topic you have chosen is worth reading and important to them in which context. Start with the point that is most important and place it up front. The rest of the information that needs to be conveyed can come after but imagine how much that single point is going to impact the readers. Making it personally relevant should be the leading direction of an introduction.
4. Keep the Conclusion in Mind
A perfect conclusion rounds off the information you gave in the beginning of the writing. Think about how you are going to end the essay or research paper to write a good introduction.
5. Keep it Simple
Fitting in too much information in the introduction is just going to make it dull and uninviting for the audience. There is understandable going to be an ample amount later on in the assignment so just keep the beginning simple and brief. The starting paragraph just needs to be twenty-five or forty words long. Give a basic overview of the problem you are going to discuss and use the second paragraph for any essential and relevant details.
6. Include Quotes
Quotes bring personality to the writing. But including a quote also means more work to explain and tie it to the topic on hand. The selection of the quote also matters a lot as it should be attention grabbing yet wholly gives context to the problem being addressed in the assignment.
7. Come Up with Power Words
Power words or keywords need to be descriptive and able to convey strong meaning and emotion to the reader. Words such as “imagination” “focus” “free” “exploit” and “exclusive” are some examples of power words. Use ones that are most appropriate for the content of the article.
8. Avoid Information Overload
As mentioned before do not use a large amount of information right in the beginning. Try using simple sentences with not more than a single idea embedded through each. Details should be left for the main paragraphs.
9. Refrain from Asking Questions
Questions should surely be placed in the rest of the assignment but it’s better not to make your introduction a question. The introduction is meant to be informing the readers about the topic you need to bring their attention to.
10. Place it in the Present
The past tense can be pretty confusing when used in an essay so unless situation requires it avoid using it. The present tense is better to read, is engaging and easier to comprehend.
11. Use Attributions Sparingly
Your assignment is obviously validated by referencing an incredible research or two and can add more weight to your own arguments and findings. However, the introduction is not the ideal part to put in the attributions. Keep them for the main body of the assignment.
Final Word
A good beginning is necessary to convince your audience that your writing is worth spending their time on. An effective technique is to write the introduction in the end as by then you have all your ideas and concepts lined up and it is easier to capture the essence of it in the introduction. If you need help with writing good introductions, then you can always reach out to our online writing service that provides quality assignments.

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