5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Vocabulary

5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Vocabulary for Better assignment Writing

Assignment writing is a daunting job that needs the hard work and the full attention of the students. Students usually fail to produce quality assignments and the main reason behind that is the poor writing skills and inappropriate usage of the vocabulary. Remember that great vocabulary along the strong grammar could allow you to make your writing more powerful. Your writing allows you to convey your message to the reader that what you actually think and if it is written in an effective way; it leaves an everlasting impression on the reader. Just like the other writings; assignment writing also demands you make the right selection of the words to give the answers to the questions that are asked from you. Here are the 5 easy steps that can allow you to improve your vocabulary for your assignments.

Step# 1 Read, Read and Read!

Reading is the first step if you want to increase your vocabulary. Just like when you were young; reading was the effective tool to learn new words, the rule hasn’t changed yet! You are needed to read the different books, magazines, novels and different essays to increase the stock of your words. This will allow you to explore new words, learning how these words can be used in a sentence or how can you use it properly.

Quick tip: For learning the particular terminologies that are used in particular subjects only; try to read the articles and the chapters from the relevant subjects such as economics and business etc

Step# 2 Use a dictionary

Using a dictionary is not the old school method! It has its own significance and you need to admit it. Whenever you read a new word (as we have mentioned is the previous step that you are needed to read); you are needed to take out your dictionary; see its pronunciation and its meaning. In a dictionary, there are many meanings for a single word. Consider which meaning is the most suitable and then learn the word along with its meaning. If you are reading something online then just open a new tab and simply find its meaning online.

Step# 3 Make a vocabulary journal

Make a vocabulary journal, arrange it orderly! Whenever you read a new word; learn its meaning and note down it in your vocabulary journal. As you will be writing the new words then it would be easier for you to memorize it and you would be able to see that how many words you have read and learnt till today.

Quick tip: Also draw small pictures along the words so that you would be able to interrelate the meanings.

Step# 4 Try word puzzles

Increasing your vocabulary using the different games and the puzzles will be a good idea. This will give you fun and you will also learn new words. Puzzles, crosswords,   and other word games will be helping you out. Ask your friends and family members to join you.

A word of advice: Don’t waste your time in learning the words that are rarely used or that would be foreign to the readers. It does not mean that you should stop learning the new words, take your time and decide that the words you have learnt; whether they will be beneficial for you or not, the words that seem to be easy but new for you; consider them as you can remember them and use them easily.

Step# 5 Use the new words you have learnt

Try to use the new words you have learnt while writing your essays or the assignments. but before that, it would be a good idea to make the rough sentences from these words so that you would be able to know that how you would be going to use the particular word in your writings. Do not take much time to add the new words in your writing and conversation as there are the chances that you would be forgetting the meaning of the words that you have learnt.  Make the new words as the part of your writing more than the conversation.

The above mentioned are the simple steps by which you can not only enhance your vocabulary but also you can submit quality assignments to your teachers. So follow these steps, practice, get help from the others and remember no pain, no gain! You would be never able to increase the list of your vocabulary without practice.

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