The Tips to Craft an Effective College Application Essay In No Time!

Completed all the university forms? Cleared all the tests? Good! You’re just a step away from the college of your dreams. Now comes the time to impress the admission officer of the College.

Wait! Did you just realize that the submission deadline is the coming week? And you have spent a lot of time in procrastination? Don’t panic.

Here are the tips that will ensure that you craft a top-notch application essay quickly:

1. Avoid the distractions:

You might have discovered the intensity of effort and motivation required in an application essay. So instead of procrastinating, buckle up your seat belts and start planning. Is that the sound of a notification? Simply turn off your phone, computer, laptop or any other distractions. You are already running late and you can’t risk your admission because of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social media. These are not only the distractions but also the cause of hindrance in your creativity.

2. Be honest and accurate:

Before just planning the essay, ask yourself that what are your qualities which make you stand out from the other applicants. We know you’ve great achievements and titles so you don’t have to embellish all of them in your application essay. Everyone has their own capabilities and areas of achievements so you should not strain yourself.

3. Be Concise and succinct:

Can you please say whatever you want to say in few words? Every admission officer has a big pile of essays to read every day so you should not make his or her day worse. You know what; the suggested word count of a common application essay is minimum 250 words with no upper limit. So, please try to take care of your own admission and the examiner’s health (and of course time!). You need to show the examiner that you respect his time.

Don’t try to cover everything in an essay because it makes your essay superficial and scattered. Your future college expects that you give them a series of short stories about you instead of a giant sized novel.

4. Follow the instructions carefully:

Have you started writing the essay? No! You shouldn’t. Leave everything and go find the page of instructions given by the college. You must carefully read the instructions and make notes. You might be thinking that reading the instructions is redundant. But, it isn’t at all. It increases your chances to achieve admission in your dream college.

If you don’t, the admission officer may assume that you aren’t fit for the university’s program.

After you’ve absorbed the instructions, grab a pen and start brainstorming to organize your essay.

5. Analyze the prompt thoroughly:

There are many applicants who fail to examine the prompt of the essay. You must dedicate at least three minutes of your precious time to understand the prompt. You have to analyze all the aspects of the prompt thoroughly to create an effective essay.

6. Start with a compelling introduction:

Imagine you’ve utilized an ample amount of time to write the body paragraphs and conclusion of your flawless essay but, your essay fails to catch the admission officer’s attention. Your application got rejected only because of a boring introduction. Is it fair enough? No, it isn’t. You should also spend sufficient amount of time on introduction. It should succinctly reveal the best parts of your personality to the officer in order to inevitably attract them. You may start up with a quote or an anecdote.

7. Avoid cliches:

Facing problems in generating ideas? You can look forward to the examples of great essays. But beware; you shouldn’t influence yourself too much. You must avoid using clichés in the desire of impressing the admission officers. Try the best to make yourself stand out from thousands of other competitors. Let the officers discover your unique personality.

8. Use the appropriate vocabulary:

Many students consider that excessive use of advanced vocabulary will impress the reader but it isn’t true. The admission essay requires the reflection of your command on college-level vocabulary. But, it doesn’t mean that you fit in the inappropriate synonyms from thesaurus which makes the essay ambiguous. You are already short of time so instead of wasting your time on a thesaurus, use plain, simple and evocative language.

9. Show the officer, instead of telling:

Was the officer with you when the incident you mentioned occurred? It’s a no. You’ve to keep in mind that the officers don’t know you personally. So, you have to show your perspective on the incident through strong visuals and examples. You should help the officers to envision the incident.

10. Use Transitions Wisely:

One common thing that is ignored by the applicants in hurry is the transition of paragraphs. The transitions between paragraphs are important because it maintains the flow of the ideas in an essay. Transition includes repeating keywords and phrases such as since and while.

11. Revise and Revise:

Are you done with the essay? Great! Have you proofread and edited it?

You want to craft an immaculate college application essay, therefore read it over and over again several times.  Before the submission of an essay, you must make sure that there are no spelling mistakes, typing errors, clichés and grammatical errors. You may also seek the assistance of a teacher or parent to catch your mistakes.

You are all the way through your college application essay. Now grab some chocolate and have a break. How about the latest movie with your best friends?

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