Ten tips for getting better night sleep for the students

Ten tips for getting better night sleep for the students

It is very challenging for the student to sleep and wake at the same time because of academic work or family related work. When a student gets a lengthy academic work, so he has to stay awake for a bit longer, this disturbs the sleeping pattern, and a student finds it difficult to sleep and wake on the same time.

1. Have a regular sleeping pattern

It is important for a student to sleep and wake at the same time every day. When you sleep and wake up regularly at the same time, so your body will get used to it. Even when you will be awake at the sleeping time, you will feel sleepy. With regular sleeping pattern, you will not need an alarm to wake yourself up because you will wake up automatically. On weekends, you can sleep an additional hour, but not more than one hour.

2. Do or read something, which relaxes your mind

Many times students find it hard to sleep because they have either academic stress or non-academic stress. The best way to reduce the stress is to do a relaxing thing or read a relaxing book. It is the best way to feel relax because when you will do or read something, your mind’s concentration will shift focus from a stress giving thoughts to the activity that you will be doing at that time.

3. Have a comfortable sleeping mattress

Sometimes the reason for having a sleeping difficulty is the ending of the life cycle of the sleeping mattress. When a mattress exceeds its life, it gets uncomfortable. When this is the case, then you must buy a brand new mattress that will help you in sleeping quickly. A new mattress will provide you comfort and support your body.

4. Things to avoid before sleeping

Sometimes the reason for having difficulty in sleeping is what we ate and drank prior to sleeping. Some people drink chocolate milk before sleeping, some people drink tea or coffee and some people drink sodas, these are the things to avoid because they all have one thing in common caffeine, which is wakes your minds and makes it difficult to make it asleep.

Drinking should also be avoided because they do not your body enjoy quality sleep.

Smoking should be avoided before sleep; smoking makes it difficult for you to sleep.

5. Don’t take a long nap during the daytime

Students after coming from the academic institutes, feel very tired, and they take a nap during the daytime, which is a right thing. Students should take a nap during the daytime, but that nap should not be longer than an hour. When a student takes a longer nap than an hour, he finds difficulty sleeping later.

6. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is necessary for the fitness and has many health benefits. An exercise three hours before sleeping is a great way to reduce stress and get ready for sleep. An exercising can help us in providing quality sleep, which can recharge our body for the next day. However, do not exercise before sleeping because you will find it difficult to sleep if you did it just before sleeping.

7. Make your room sleep friendly

Setting your room for sleep is very important; you should make sure there is no interference during sleep. Your room should be dark, and windows should be half closed, you do not want noise in your room, but you want fresh air as well. Walls should be of lighter color because it gives cooling effects that will make it easier for you to sleep. Have dark curtain to block the excessive light coming from outside of the room. Eye-mask and earplugs can help you to fall asleep.

8. Meditate before sleeping

Meditation is also another great way to reduce stress and prepare your mind towards sleeping. You can relax your body and mind with the meditation.

9. Don’t eat prior to sleeping

You should not eat just before sleeping because it causes heartburn and makes it difficult for your body to digest; all this makes it difficult for you to sleep. You should eat three hours prior to bedtime.

10. Install an air conditioner

Installing an air conditioner is the best way to sleep quickly and have better quality sleep. When the temperature in the room is lower, a person falls to sleep quicker. Another advantage of an air conditioner is that you will have to close your windows because of which no outside sound will enter your room and disturb you during sleep.


Students find it difficult to sleep during their academic life so they should follow the tips mentioned above to fall to sleep quicker and to have a quality sleep necessary for the body to be ready to face the next day.

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