Tips that help become an extraordinary student

In order to become an extraordinary student, one must work very hard to learn everything related to his subject even if it is not included in the course because an extraordinary student aims to learn everything possible that is a reason why he gets top grades in every subject.

1). Study in advance for the class

The extraordinary students always study in advance before attending a lecture; this helps them in a better understanding of the lecture. When you study in advance, you know what you need to understand in the lecture and where you need to pay more attention to the lecture. You even know what question you need to ask your teachers, this gives them an impression that you are working hard in studying; all of this helps you to become an extraordinary student.

2). Punctuality

One thing that matters the most is your punctuality. There are many benefits of being a punctual student, you do not miss a single topic of a lecture, you create a good impression about yourself, you learn the maximum things you can and you gain extra marks for being punctual either directly or indirectly.  Therefore, you should always be on time and be regular if you want to become a top-level student.

3). Concentrate on the lectures

Concentration on lecture is very important for a student because, in a lecture, a teacher tells many important things about the topics that come in the exams or that helps in solving the questions in the exam. By paying full concentration on the lectures, you can maximize your chances of getting the maximum marks in the exam. You learn many valuable things and clear every concept about the topics.

4). Participate in class

By participating in the class, you create a positive image in the mind of your teachers and you earn those extra marks that help you in getting top grades and help you in becoming a top class student. You should always be prepared to ask intelligent questions from a teacher and be prepared to answer teacher’s question because these things are what extraordinary students do.

5). Help and teach fellow students

Top class student helps and teaches their fellow students, who are struggling with their studies. When he teaches fellow students to make them understand certain topics he gets an excellent chance to revise that topic. This makes him remember certain topic for longer, which benefits him near the exam because he does not spend the majority of his time on those topics for exam preparation.

6). Make your own notes

Extraordinary student makes his own notes; a student makes these notes for personal use. With the help of these notes, he learns topics quicker because he has written it himself.

Therefore, you must make your own notes if you want to achieve top grades and become a perfect student.

7). Practice and revise lectures every day

In order to become a top student, one must work very hard. After receiving and understanding a lecture, a student should revise and practice it in his free time because by revising and practicing, he will remember it for a long time. By revising and practicing, he makes sure that he gets maximum marks in the exam, as the majority of things come from teachers lecture.

8). Read extra material for more knowledge

Students should read additional material related to their subject to get more knowledge about the subject because every writer has a different style and opinion about certain topics so it is better to know the unique perspective of every writer to understand certain thing better.

Students should daily read the newspaper or daily check the news on the internet because this gives them valuable information that helps them in becoming an extraordinary student.

9). Group studies

Studying in a group also helps students in becoming an extraordinary student. When students, who have a different point of view, study together, they solve every problem with a constructive conflict. This helps students in solving a problem more effectively. Studying in a group also improves your leadership skills and provides you a better understanding of a topic. It provides you a faster way to learn a topic.


If any student is thinking of becoming an extraordinary student then he must follow all these tips mentioned above. These tips will make you a very knowledgeable person, who will not face any kind of difficulty throughout his academic career.

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