24 Things to do when you are alone on Christmas in the UK

Christmas is that season of the year when everything around you gives festive feels; the lights on the street, Christmas hats, Santa statues and ornamental trees. All this pumping up the overwhelm desire to meet the people we cherish the most. The juncture when you just can’t wait to be reunited with your folks but what if you have to spend it all alone. The thought of being alone makes us jittery because of the norms and values imposed on us by the society; however, in actual, it is a great opportunity for self-exploration. Every social media platform during Christmas is floated with shots of people indulging in conversation or activities with their favorite people and opening present’s close by the Christmas tree. Being lonely on Christmas particularly in UK is your chance of finding mere serendipity. So stop sulking and discover some surprisingly fun filled activities you can wallow in when alone on Christmas.

  • Be a Binge yourself to a movie marathon on the sofa in your cozy apartment
  • Perform some mindful meditation and tackle all those insecurities and doubts you have about yourself
  • Pretend to be Macaulay of ‘home alone’ and act to make it movie worthy
  • Perform some kick-ass ninja moves on the street in the UK
  • Visit Stonehenge and practice calling spirits
  • Take yourself on a dinner date to the most spectacular place in the UK
  • Sing karaoke in a cramped place of the UK and snap chat it.
  • Send random compliments to strangers
  • Think of the stuff that you once loved but don’t do it again and then do it
  • Book an appointment in a Spa and give yourself some VIP treatment, put in a hair mask, light some candles and paint your nails
  • Buy yourself some presents for Christmas preferable a thing that you deprived yourself until now
  • Think of the places you have not been to and take a trip to those places by a car or a bike and explore them
  • Try geocaching and hunt down those treasures because it’s easier as people are usually confined to their home in Christmas.
  • Volunteer yourself for a welfare providing firms to present giveaways to the needy people on Christmas to spread joy far and wide
  • Enhance your inner creativity by indulging into programs like cooking, crafting etc.
  • If you are feeling energetic and want to discover something then make sure to visit the Oxford Street in London which is usually filled with shoppers providing a peaceful image and showcasing the most famous Christmas lights which keep on getting bigger and better every year
  • If you are someone who enjoys firework then pay a visit to the most famous firework displays along the River Thames, and in Edinburgh at the Hogmanay.
  • Meet new people who can help you to combat with the isolation that you are experiencing.
  • If you are into bicycle and enjoy adventure by bike then it’s a great way to spend your Christmas by exploring and riding through different lighted streets giving the festive vibes.
  • There are many clubs in the UK that offer you to participate in many activities, like if you are into cooking then be a part of Peckham Food cycle or if you are gym freak then Good Gym presents you weekly exercising and physical activity work on Christmas as well.
  • You can participate in voluntary service of The Trussell Trust to get emergency food to people in crisis.
  • The high-end brands and charity shops are usually in need of employers in festive season and pay double wages. Book a Christmas shift in these shops, if the thought of being alone makes you worried and earn some money.
  • Awaken the sleeping photographer sleeping in you and click some beautiful shots of nature and make use of the empty streets.
  • Mostly it is forecasted to rain on Christmas, you can make arrangement in your balcony with some hot chocolate to enjoy the peace that rain brings.

Do something this Christmas that will make you want to spend every Christmas this way. Go ahead and make new memories. Fight the unspoken norms of the society with your creativity, inspiration and motivation to make this day enjoyable in the UK.

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